First of all, I would like to thank you for taking your valuable time to learn more about me. I first started playing around Amazon FBA in 2012 but didn’t really get serious until early 2015 when I invested $4,000 (my entire savings at the time) into building my Private Label Brand. I went through a lot of obstacles, frustration and made tons of mistakes for the next couple years until 2017 when my business took off and I went full time. Today, my FBA business alone generates 7 figures in sales a year.

I have to admit that my journey was not easy at all. I was on the verge of giving it all up in the end of 2015 when I lost over half of my capital due to a lost shipment (it was a good lesson though) but something kept me going it was perhaps intuition or the support of my wife who put all her faith in me.

Trust me when I say, I totally understand how hard it might be for a new seller to start an FBA business especially in 2021/2022 that’s why I created multiple online courses on the different aspects of selling on Amazon FBA. In addition to that, I also offer 3 Month One on One Coaching Package helping you get stared on the right foot and achieve your goals. Thing is I can take on ONLY 5 new sellers a MONTH. And I know what you are thinking “ONLY 5 students a month” he must be charging thousands of dollars! Well, I assure you I do not charge thousands of $ and the reason why I only accept 5 students a month is simply because I want to enjoy other areas of my life 🙂 If you are interested, email me and we will schedule a FREE 15 minute call. I would love to learn more about you so I could advise you whether the FBA business model is suitable for you and make sure that you understand the risk involved.

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