My last shipment to Amazon got hit by an extra 10% in tariffs due to the US-China Trade War.


I decided to post a short article on the recent import tariffs increase and how they are going to affect us as Amazon Sellers.

Whenever Amazon raises their fees or there is a new sales tax or increase in import tariffs, many new (and not so new) sellers dramatize as if it were a Game Over. In this article, I wanted to clear out the air and provide a logical explanation as of what the consequences after an increase in fees or tariffs are, and how it affects us as Amazon Sellers.

First of all, higher fees or tariffs affect every single Amazon Seller, including your competitors. What almost always happens is sellers raise their prices to reflect any changes in fees, taxes etc., so in most cases our customers end up paying for it – consider it as an inflation.

The only downside I could think of is the inconvenience for Sellers of having to budget in any increase in fees and tariffs rather than putting this money towards purchasing more inventory or launching new products.

I hope this brief article helps you better understand how increase in fees and tariffs and whatever else it might be affect you as an Amazon FBA Seller. Still have a question? Drop it the comment section bellow and i will answer it as soon as I can.

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